Airport Irvine Animal Hospital

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Our Veterinarians

Dr. William Radovich - Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. William Radovich grew up in Montana, where he was constantly surrounded by animals. He learned how to ride a horse at the same time he was learning how to walk! As far back as he can remember, Dr. Radovich always knew he would one day become a veterinarian.

Dr. Radovich attended Montana State University to major in Animal Science. He also completed two minors in Endocrinology and Nutrition. After graduation, he was accepted into the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. Four years later, he moved with his wife to sunny southern California. After working in Huntington Beach for five years, Dr. Radovich opened his own clinic, Airport Irvine Animal Hospital, in 1978.

When Dr. Radovich first moved to California, there was only one other surgical specialist in all of Orange County. As a result, he is adept in all kinds of pet surgery—Dr. Radovich suspects he’s done more upper-airway surgeries than anyone in the country! He also likes interacting with clients and seeing generations of pet owners bring their four-legged friends to the clinic.

Dr. Radovich and his wife have two daughters. They share their home with Maggy, a cockapoo who likes to start playtime just as Dr. Radovich would like to wind down for the day.

In his free time, Dr. Radovich is an avid competitive shooter. He’s participated in many charity and benefit shoots, and has been lucky enough to shoot alongside famous individuals like Roy Rogers, Ed Ames, and Charlton Heston! Dr. Radovich also spends a good deal of his spare time astride one of his many motorcycles.


Dr. Gail Renehan - Associate Veterinarian

During a physiology course in Dr. Gail Renehan’s senior year of undergraduate studies, a professor asked her what she was planning to do after graduation. She told him she’d love to do something with wildlife, and her professor suggested working as a zoo veterinarian. It was as if a lightbulb had been turned on—Dr. Renehan had never considered that a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect fit for her!

One of my most inspirational experiences came while volunteering with a fantastic organization called RAVS (Rural Area Veterianry Services) during a spay/neuter clinic in a small Mexican village. While packing up supplies on the last day of the clinic, we were presented with a homeless young dog living at the dump and her 6 puppies. The situation looked bleak, until we discovered all the puppies were male. We quickly neutered all the pups and found homes for all within several hours. The young mom had a large tumor – a type of easily treated cancer here in the US, not so for a dog without an owner in Mexico. I elected to take the dog back with me to treat her, spay her and find her a home. Our journey back wasn’t without incident as the airline I was flying didn’t fly animals, but an entire planeload of people rallied to convince the flight crew to allow the dog to fly in her carrier at the back of the plane. Back in Orange County, we treated her tick bourne disease, her tumor, and spayed her. A few weeks into treatment, someone saw me with her and asked about her..they instantly offered her a home. The next time she arrived in our office, the dog from the Mexican dump stepped out of a Jaguar with painted nails and a giant bling-bling collar with “Reina”, her new name on it – the queen had arrived

Dr. Renehan grew up in Rhode Island and lived and worked in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts before moving to California. She came to Airport Irvine Animal hospital over 14 years ago.

One of Dr. Renehan’s favorite parts of veterinary medicine is wearing all the different hats required of her. She loves working as a dermatologist, surgeon, cardiologist, pharmacist, radiologist, and groomer all at the same time! She also enjoys building lasting relationships with her clients and pets.

At home, Dr. Renehan and her family have a dog named Fern, two cats, Orion and Superkitty, and several fish.


Dr. Heidi Watkins - Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Heidi Watkins has been obsessed with animals for as long as she can remember. Growing up in southern California, her family nurtured her passion and allowed her to take in and care for just about any animal young Dr. Watkins could find. By high school graduation, she had her mind made up: a career in animal medicine was the perfect choice for her!

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in biology, Dr. Watkins took a job at a New Jersey animal hospital as a Veterinary Technician. She was then accepted to Ross University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in the Caribbean. Her clinical year was spent stateside at Texas A&M University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, and she graduated in 2006 with her DVM degree. In 2011, she made Airport Irvine Animal Hospital her home.

Dr. Watkins has worked in a variety of different hospital settings, including a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week emergency facility, exotic clinics, and feline-only practices. She’s also written about and worked with feral cats in trap-neuter-release and feline rescue programs. In fact, cat care is Dr. Watkins’ special interest; she has a special interest in feline medicine and is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

When she isn’t caring for animals at the clinic, Dr. Watkins loves spending time with her husband, their young son, and the family’s numerous cats. She also enjoys going horseback riding, taking nature walks, and camping.