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Nutrition & Weight Management


How confident are you in your pet’s nutrition?

The right diet can do wonders for your pet. It can promote a stronger immune system, improve performance and even help in managing certain medical conditions. The problem is, there are hundreds of food products to choose from, most of which contain ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, let alone understand. We can make managing this component of your pet’s health care easy and straightforward.

We’ll start by conducting a nutritional analysis to determine what your pet’s unique needs are. Depending on your companion’s present health status and stage of life, we may recommend changing his or her diet to better meet those needs. We’ll also discuss other important things, like how much you should be feeding your pet, as well as how frequently. This helps to avoid excess calorie intake and maximize nutritional value.

Next, we’ll assess your pet’s weight. Because animals are small, a few extra pounds can make a huge difference in overall wellness. Too much weight can increase the risk of certain medical conditions, some of which can even be life threatening. Conversely, underweight pets tend to be more susceptible to injury or illness. We will use our nutritional analysis to determine what your pet’s ideal weight should be. From there, we will work on a plan to achieve that target number.

Finally, although equally important, we must work to maintain our strategy over the course of your pet’s life. As he or she navigates from youth to adulthood and into the senior years, the needs surrounding diet and exercise will change. To keep your pet on the right track, we will reassess our approach and make any necessary adjustments as they’re needed. This will improve the chances of your loved one staying fit and healthy for life.

Could you use a little guidance managing your animal friend’s nutritional needs? Give us a call! We can develop a customized diet and weight management plan that is designed to help your pet not just survive, but thrive!