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Are you taking the appropriate measures to protect your pet’s smile?

Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and clean is a vital part of his or her overall wellness care. This involves taking preventative measures, such as home brushing and bringing your pet in for professional dental visits. At Airport Irvine Animal Hospital, we’d like to support you in this important endeavor. Our staff is experienced in both routine and advanced dental care. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a complex procedure, we want to partner with you in managing your companion’s oral health.

Dental disease is a serious problem affecting companion animals everywhere. In fact, by the time your pet reaches age 2, he or she will likely already be suffering from some type of oral problem. That is, unless you’ve made a commitment to dental care. The best way to help your companion beat the odds is to bring him or her in for routine dental appointments with us. For best results, we recommend having your pet’s teeth and gums checked at least once a year.

We’ll start by conducting a thorough examination of your pet’s mouth, both above and below the gum line. Dental x-rays may be necessary to identify potential problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We’ll then clean the teeth, polish them to a healthy shine and apply fluoride to prevent future buildup of plaque and tartar. Should we detect any problems during our exam and cleaning, our team is skilled in performing a wide range of advanced dental services. This includes extractions and minor oral surgery.

Some of the more common signs of pet dental problems include:

  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Swelling or tenderness around the mouth area
  • Bad breath
  • Excessive drooling
  • Changes in eating or chewing habits (dropping food, sudden disinterest in toys)
  • Yellow/brown, loose, broken or missing teeth
  • Gums that are red, swollen or bleeding

If your pet is exhibiting any of these, schedule an appointment right away. The sooner we address the problem, the better.

Finally, we’ll work with you to help your pet maintain strong teeth and healthy gums year-round. To get ongoing results, you’ll need to brush your companion’s teeth regularly at home. Our knowledgeable staff can gladly provide a demonstration of the proper techniques and offer advice on any other dental issue you may have questions about.

Get in touch today and let’s work together to help your loved one achieve a winning smile for life!